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About Us

This is Xynosure!

Where alternative families can get those “WOW! Where did you get this?!” items.

I started Xynosure 2 years ago, on the idea that alternative people go through a lot of searching to find their unique and nifty stuff. I wanted to make that process easier. So, I did a lot of searching myself. Not only did I find how hard it really is to find unique items, but the prices for some of these things were through the roof!

I thought “this just isn’t fair”.

With that thought I decided that someone had to make a change. Well, here I am!

With Xynosure I can bring unique adult, kids, and baby items to you at a reasonable cost. I am not charging my customer double what I paid. In fact, I barely charge over $5 what I paid on most items!

If every company who catered to you was this cool, you’d have all the awesome stuff you’ve always wanted!

Oh yea, and just so you know exactly who you are dealing with, it’s just me. Just little ole’ me and myself. My name is Devon by the way. Nice to meet you. :)

Me and my company are located in sunny San Diego, CA.

If you are in the area, maybe you can find me at some of the local events. These events always change depending on time of year and selling costs. If you are curious if I am going to be attending a certain event please feel free to email me and ask.

I hope that you enjoy my company as much as I enjoy running it.

Xynosure Founder

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